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Below are just a few of the services we proudly offer here at Econ River Animal Hospital:

Your Orlando Area Veterinarian

Welcome to our animal hospital. Whether you are in east Orlando or Sanford, we are your preferred vet for your pet. Established in 1991, we are a community staple, and known for providing superior care to the animals in the areas we serve. We love animals, which our loyal clients know, and it is our goal to show you that we treat your pet like family. We treat your pet as good as we treat our own, so you know your furry family members are in good hands with our team. We are also here anytime you need us, whether it is our 24/71 emergency care service or our regularly scheduled appointments to get such things as annual exams and vaccinations.

We offer a variety of quality services for your pet at both of our locations. Here are the things you can expect from us.

Physical Exams

We do thorough physical exams on all pets as part of their basic care. We evaluate every part of your pet and answer your questions using diagrams, models, pictures, and whatever else is necessary for you to understand your pet's health and issues if any. It is one of our goals to educate our clients as much as possible on what their pet's needs are, and why they have them. We want you to be a partner in keeping your pet healthy.

Diagnostic Imaging

Our veterinary services include an x-ray suite and on-site radiology, which allows us to diagnose things like broken bones, weird things animals have swallowed, and any serious health conditions, even at the very beginning, that need treating.

On-Site Lab

We do blood tests on your pet in-house and can get results for you right here, too. Unlike many vets, our animal clinic does not have to send tests out to be evaluated. Our lab allows us to do it right here, so you get results and the valuable information they contain quickly. This is good for you and your pet because it gives you the information you need to make timely decisions regarding your pet's health and treatment.

Dental Care

Dental care is as important for animals as it is for humans. We clean teeth do extractions, and even perform oral surgery on your pet if it is required.


If you need to go out of town and require a place for your pet to stay (such as if you aren't able to get a reliable pet sitter), we can accommodate pets of all kinds and sizes. Your pet will have comfortable lodgings, daily meals, water available at all times, and daily exercise (outdoors, twice a day for dogs). If your pet takes daily medications or needs medical care while you're away, we've got that handled for you, too.


We have a professional groomer on-site to keep your pet clean and looking its best.

On Site Pharmacy

If your pet needs medication, you can get it filled right at our office. This is extremely convenient for most of our clients. Why fill a prescription somewhere else if you can get it while you're already here?


We are a full-service veterinarian, so if your pet needs surgery of any kind, we can do it professionally, safely, and accurately right here at our office. You can trust your pet and its well-being with us, always.

What to Do Next

Contact us today to set up your pet's initial exam, evaluation, and consultation with us. You'll never regret it. We look forward to meeting you and your pet and welcoming you both to the Econ River Animal Hospital family. Call today. You can reach us at:

Econ River Animal Hospital

15220 E Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32826

(407) 568-0724


Seminole Animal Hospital & Pet Resort

2515 W 25th St
Sanford, FL 32771

(407) 330-7387

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