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Rating: 5.0
By:Lisa Robles
On: Facebook, 04/03/2020
Comment:They are all very caring and will assist in many ways. I lost my cat Skittles on 3/28/20 and they were emotionally invested in my baby and me. I truly appreciate them all.

Rating: 5.0
By:Carolyn Stevens
On: Facebook, 08/17/2018
Comment:Seminole Animal Hospital & Pet Resort are AMAZING!!
I cannot say enough about this office. Every person there from the front desk to the doctors are the most kind and compassionate ever. I had a horrible experience with another local vet, and was referred by a friend to come here. Wish I would have known about this place years ago. I may still have my Husky which was misdiagnosed. Please don’t even think about going anywhere else, you truly will see how much they all love and really care about your pet.

Rating: 5.0
By:Denise Wissmueller
On: Facebook, 02/06/2018
Comment:Seminole Animal Hopital has been my vet since July of 2017. I'd like to encourage anyone contracted to go here through their puppy plan to look elsewhere. Yesterday was the absolute last straw for me with this place. There are 2 vet techs that work here that are absolutely horrible people. One who is abusive towards animals (yes I have complained nothing was done) and the other is condescending, doesn't listen, and is dismissive of any concerns you may have. Also be aware that you'll be seeing the vet techs and not the actual vet. You'll only see the actual vet for maybe 5 minutes, the rest of the time you're at the mercy of vet techs that really shouldn't be in this line of work to begin with. I left their office yesterday after being dismissed and talked down to, drove straight to another vet and had my puppy rechecked. These guys didn't listen and a blood panel proved that they should have. Bypass this place. It's not worth losing your puppy over.

Rating: 5.0
By:Nicole Gladfelter
On: Facebook, 12/24/2017
Comment:We purchased a new puppy in November of 2017 from a local pet store that was contracted with this particular vet clinic in Sanford. We went for her first visit and unfortunately, she was diagnosed with quite a few health issues the day after we brought her home. We thought we were going to lose our puppy, which we had already fallen in love with.

Dr. Beltran took over (along with their emergency clinic, Concord Vet) along with his entire staff, including the front desk staff. They took care of our precious baby. There fought hard with love, care, prayers, and whatever it took. Our family can't say enough to convey how awesome Seminole Animal Hospital is. They brought our baby girl back from not eating or drinking, surviving in an oxygen tank with breathing the healthy beagle puppy that she is now.

The entire staff greets Charlie, our beagle girl, every time we have gone in. They are so in love with her and have such big hearts for the animals. This clinic's entire staff truly cares. They are a devoted team of the most amazing people. Latisha has a special bond with Charlie girl and has kept up with her progress the entire time. Charlie knows who Latisha is and wags her tail so hard when she sees her.

The front desk was praying for her. She is our Christmas miracle and we have Dr. Beltran and his entire team to thank. While we can never repay what they he done, we offer this heartfelt and sincere thank you to all!! We love Seminole Animal Hospital and Pet Resort in Sanford, Florida.

Rating: 5.0
By:Lisa Scarano
On: Facebook, 04/18/2017
Comment:Love the office. Very friendly, professional staff. Both Dr. Mole and Dr. Beltran are great. So happy that I convinced my mother to switch veterinarians and start taking her new pup here instead. I feel much more confident knowing her puppy will be taken great care of.

Rating: 5.0
By:Rachel Lauren Fisk
On: Facebook, 01/04/2017
Comment:Dr. Beltran (Sanford) is fantastic! Love him and his staff. The ladies are always very helpful and call to follow up with me the day after every appointment. Once, I called and had a question for the Dr., expecting to leave him a message for a call back - but the tech said "let me go get him for you", and he took my call and answered my question right away! That truly shows me what kind of service I was going to get from Seminole Animal Hospital & Pet Resort. Five Stars! I never have to wait, the facility is clean and prices are very reasonable.

Rating: 5.0
By:Jackie Harris
On: Facebook, 06/25/2016
Comment:Just left their office with 2 dogs and I'm 7 months pregnant. The whole staff is beyond helpful and amazing and made my visit there much easier than I had anticipated. My dogs aren't exactly easy to handle all the time! I love Dr. Mole and his staff and am so thankful I found them to care for my babies!

Rating: 5.0
By:Colleen Davis Green
On: Facebook, 08/03/2016
Comment:It was that time of year for Maxwell's shots. Found out when we(my mom and I) got there that Dr Mole had bought the practice. Congratulations Dr. Lipari on your retirement. Dr. Mole was very dedicated to our pups health. Look forward to having him look after my senior pup!

Rating: 5.0
By:Lisandra Duprey-Rodriguez
On: Facebook, 03/06/2016
Comment:Love love love this place. They were so great with my whole family the pets and the kids. Love how quickly we got seen especially since I have 3 kids and being anywhere with 3 kids and pups can be really hard but not there. It was so comfortable and we plan and bringing our cat next.

Rating: 5.0
By:Eileen Goerl
On: Facebook, 02/05/2016
Comment:My 2 dogs Farley and Max have been going to seminole animal hospital and pet resort for 1 year and they love being there when my husband and I take our yearly trip back to Wisconsin to visit family and friends. When we first arrived november 2014 Dr Mole was very informative about the needed shots and vaccines for the Florida area. Wisconsin there never was much a issue for half the bugs they have here in florida. I will recommend them to anyone!

Rating: 5.0
By:Heidi Pauley
On: Facebook, 02/15/2016
Comment:I am so happy to have found this wonderful place for my puppy. Dr. Mole was extremely gentle and kind to Brady. His office hours on Saturday were what drew me there. He personally had me follow him to his office to care for Brady from 7-11 close to the office. He went above and beyond as a vet to make sure my puppy was taken care of.

Rating: 5.0
By:Jennifer Steele
On: Facebook, 04/26/2015
Comment:I brought my two kittens in to get treated for tapeworms and figure out what medical routine I needed to start for them and my experience was exceptional. I called to make sure it was fine that I brought them both at the same time and the receptionist was very helpful in answering all my questions and I was able to get an appointment for the very next morning. Once I got there I didn't even wait 10 minutes before I was let back into an exam room and I was seen by a vet tech very quickly too which is nice since most vet offices I've been to I've had to wait for hours even with an appointment. The vet tech was very friendly and great with my kittens. She also answered my questions to the best of her knowledge and any she didn't know she let Dr. Mole answer.

As for Dr. Mole, he was fantastic! Very personable and patient with all my questions as a first time cat owner. He helped me figure out that best plan for me financially to help me make sure my kittens got the best care and that my college student bank account wasn't emptied.
I will absolutely be bringing my kittens back regularly!

Rating: 5.0
By:Doris Waters
On: Facebook, 03/27/2015
Comment:Dr. Mole was very nice and explained a lot of things to me. He spent a lot of time with me and was not rushing me out. His associates were very nice also. I will start using him as my Vet.

Rating: 5.0
By:Debbie Manning Peters
On: Facebook, 10/22/2015
Comment: Love Dr. Mole and his team at Seminole Animal Hospital!! I'm taking advantage of The VIP and Wellness Plan for Corona!

Rating: 5.0
By:Kait Meister
On: Facebook, 08/25/2015
Comment:Friendly, knowledgeable and genuine staff. Luxurious accommodations and awesome availability.

Rating: 5.0
By:Marielle Che-Novak
On: Facebook, 06/23/2015
Comment:My dog Wilson, went today with Dr. Mole and I was thrilled to know that they took great care of him. Dr. Mole even called me the day before of the appointment to find out why I was taking him!! You can clearly see he cares. The location of the hospital is neat. I love it.

Rating: 5.0
By:Clay George
On: Facebook, 01/10/2015
Comment:This place was absolutely great. All of the staff was incredibly informative and helpful and nice! They treated our cat and dog and provided the BEST care for both of them! Thanks!

Rating: 5.0
By:Mary Silva
On: Facebook, 04/24/2015
Comment: I enjoy coming to this office, the staff treats us with the upmost respect , they explain things clearly. Very loving towards my dogs . Will board them here as well.

Rating: 5.0
By:Jeff Zipay
On: Facebook, 04/22/2015
Comment: We brought our Portuguese Water Dog to Seminole Animal Hospital to have her spayed. We could not have been happier with Dr. Mole as he talked us through the procedure and was very caring, friendly and professional. His staff was welcoming, really helpful and friendly as well. We will be recommending them to everyone.

Rating: 5.0
By:Genesis Brandon
On: Facebook, 04/16/2015
Comment: Dr.Mole took good care of my grandma's puppy due to him eating grapes. We are really pleased with the service. Really good and fast service and treatment.

Rating: 5.0
By:Ronda L Darnall
On: Facebook, 11/08/2015
Comment: First visit.. Great staff and very friendly.Dr. Mole went over all pricing up front and explained all procedures needed. Took great care of Blackjack. I would recommend to friends and family.

Rating: 5.0
By:Sarah Ann
On: Facebook, 04/11/2015
Comment: Came to dr mole after my kitty had to go to the emergency vet. Dr mole took the time to explain everything to me about my cats health scare, and how to prevent it from ever happening again. He also was able to actually get me necessary products for my cat that day! And with my VIP membership, it was all very affordable.

Rating: 5.0
By: L Bailey
On: Google, 10/21/2014
Comment: My two dogs have been patients of Dr. Mole, a new Sanford/Lake Mary area veterinarian, for a while; we followed him from his prior practice to the Seminole Animal Hospital in Sanford, FL. He is one of the most caring veterinarians I've met to date. He spends time examining our dogs, and has given me great advice on many occasions.My dogs love their veterinarian too! I rescued one of them from Judy's Pet Rescue in Sanford (Judy is wonderful too!), and the other is a rescue from Long Island. We have also boarded the dogs at the vet clinic, and they received excellent care. I've used a few others in the area, and they were chaotic compared to Dr. Mole's office. Dr. Mole also has a new VIP plan, I highly recommend it. It will save you hundreds over the course of a year of vet visits. His new location at Seminole Animal Hospital has been renovated, he took over from another vet, and has grass/ space outside for the dogs to run and get exercise.

Rating: 5.0
By: Daniel Bottomley
On: Google, 10/05/2014
Comment: I'm not sure about the previous doctor and staff here mentioned in the much older reviews, but Dr. Mole recently purchased this practice and him and the current nurses are great. They've done a great job inside and outside the building making it very nice and have handled our cat's FLUTD/UTI problem very well. Dr. Mole worked patiently with us and explained every detail along the way through our few visits. We will be bringing our cats here in the future.

Rating: 5.0
By: Zachary Lane
On: Google, 10/28/2014
Comment: Both our dogs have been dealing with massive flea problems and other health concerns my family knew nothing about. After coming to Seminole Animal Hospital and speaking with Dr. Mole I feel much more efficient with dealing with these issues. He was very clear in describing the problems and gave me a very detailed description of how to fix these issues. I feel very glad to know both my animals are going to be in great condition!

Rating: 5.0
By: cmole1000
On: Google, 10/14/2014
Comment: There VIP Membership is just $99 for 12 months and includes unlimited exams, 10% discount off of vaccines, dentals spay and neutering, 3 free nights of boarding and two free baths. Sanford, Lake Mary, Heathrow if you love your pets like family you take them to Seminole Animal Hospital

Rating: 5.0
By: Liz Santini-Marrero
On: Google, 09/05/2014
Comment: Dr. Mole was very courteous and helped us with our most important issues for my puppy Lyla.

Rating: 5.0
By: Paul Downs
On: Google, 10/28/2014
Comment: Great Service. Takes extra time to explain procedures and gives several treatment options.

Rating: 5.0
By: Candice P., Sanford, FL
On: Yelp, 10/25/2014
Comment: Dr. Mole and his staff were professional and knowledgeable. They made me and my dog feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. I will continue to take my Mastiff there and I will recommend them to anyone.

Rating: 5.0
By: Kristin S., Sanford, FL
On: Yelp, 10/20/2014
Comment: Seminole Animal Hospital has recently been purchased by a different veterinarian. The staff is friendly. Dr Mole and his staff offer high quality care, convenient hours and great prices on veterinary care! They also have a VIP membership that is inexpensive and eliminates office visit costs! Would recommend this Hospital to ANYONE!

Rating: 5.0
By: Daniel B., Sanford, FL
On: Yelp, 09/30/2014
Comment: Dr. Mole is the new owner of this practice, and he and his staff are great. Very friendly, patient and helpful. Brought one of our cats in with a UTI problem and they were very accommodating and worked well with our cat and our schedules.

Rating: 5.0
By: Darlene V., Sanford, FL
On: Yelp, 09/18/2014
Comment: Stopped in because we recently moved to the area and wanted a vet that was closer than our old neighborhood. What a pleasant surprise! Everyone was friendly, pricing is reasonable, appointment was on time and the techs even trimmed my grumpy German Shepherd's nails without a fuss. We're staying! Thank you.

Rating: 5.0
By: Jaynice F., Deltona, FL
On: Yelp, 09/07/2014
Comment: We love Seminole Animal Hospital. It was the first time our baby had to board, and they took great care as if it he was their own. I was at peace leaving him there. The staff is very friendly and they provide great service.

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