Minimally Invasive Surgery

There are times when the only solution to your pet’s health concern involves surgery. Thankfully, today’s technology gives us options that were not previously available, and many surgeries, can be completed in a minimally invasive manner. We offer the following minimally invasive procedures at Seminole Animal Hospital:

  • Endoscopy (Upper and Lower GI)
  • Rhinoscopy
  • Otoscopy

With these scope-based surgeries, our veterinarians place a camera and surgical tools inside the body cavity. This is an excellent method for handling smaller surgeries such as exploratory surgery. The recovery time for your pet is reduced and the trauma to your pet’s body is greatly minimized.

For all surgeries, we run diagnostic blood and lab work to ensure your pet has no underlying issues that haven’t been detected yet. If complications arise, we can reschedule the surgery once we are confident your pet is able to tolerate the anesthesia and surgical procedure.

Prior to surgery, your pet will receive pain medication that allows him or her to be comfortable and relaxed while we prepare for surgery. We have had great success in utilizing multi-modal anesthetic protocols, which ensure that your pet’s pain management is at the highest level possible. As with any procedure involving anesthesia, we assign a nurse to monitor any and all changes in your pet’s vital signs during the surgery. The veterinarian is immediately informed of any changes detected on your pet’s monitors so they can be quickly addressed and corrected. Once your pet has recovered and is well enough to go home, we will give you detailed post-surgical care instructions and will schedule follow-up appointments as needed.

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