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Pet Exams in Orlando

Pet exams are important to your pet's continued health and wellness! As your pet's veterinarian in Sanford and Orlando FL, we administer regular wellness exams to pets of the area. At Econ River Animal Hospital, we encourage all pet owners to bring their pets in to see the vet at least once annually.

Pet Exams at Econ River Animal Hospital in Orlando

What to Expect During Pet Exams

When your pet comes to the veterinary clinic in Orlando FL, we'll start by examining your pet's skin, coat, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, and other physical characteristics. We'll also listen to your pet's breathing and heart rate. At that time, we'll make recommendations for further treatment. If your pet needs vaccinations, we'll recommend the shots that your pet needs to maintain immunity. If your pet needs a dental exam or cleaning, we'll help you schedule an appointment.

Finally, we'll answer any questions that you might have about your pet's health, and we'll prescribe any medications that your pet needs to stay healthy. Even healthy pets need to take heartworm medications, so many pets leave the veterinary office with at least one prescription.

When to Bring Your Pet in For An Exam

Pets need to see the veterinarian at least once per year. At Econ River Animal Hospital, we recommend bringing your pet the veterinarian for the first time at around 6 weeks of age, or when your pet displays symptoms of illness, whichever comes first. For older pets, we recommend increasing wellness exams to once every six months. Seeing the vet twice annually can help catch chronic illnesses and age-related conditions when they're in the beginning stages, which can help keep your pet healthy.

Benefits of Pet Exams in Orlando FL

There are many benefits of pet exams in Orlando FL!

  • Improved relationship with the veterinarian. Some pets get nervous when they visit the vet. Seeing the veterinarian in Sanford and Orlando on a regular basis can help your pet get used to the experience of seeing the vet, which can lead to reduced anxiety.
  • Opportunities for pet owner education. When you bring your pet to the veterinarian in Sanford and Orlando, you'll have the perfect opportunity to ask the veterinarian questions about your pet's care and behavior. This can help you take care of your pet and can help ensure that your pet will get the right treatment at home as well as at the veterinary clinic.
  • Catch illnesses and diseases in their early stages. When your pet comes in for regular pet exams, the veterinarian will have opportunities to catch illnesses before they become advanced. This can shorten the recovery period and can help your pet avoid chronic conditions.
  • Improve your pet's overall quality of life. By getting regular health care, pet exams can improve your pet's overall quality of life and can even extend your pet's lifespan by years.

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in Orlando FL

At Econ River Animal Hospital, we administer regular examinations to pets. We can help your pet's veterinarian get the care he or she needs in order to live a longer, healthier life. If you haven't brought your pet in for a regular visit with the veterinarian, contact your pet's vet today for an appointment. Call us at (407) 330-7387.

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